log4net Slides and Example Code

I have been contacted people who cannot attend my Toronto Code Camp session on log4net tomorrow requesting a copy of my presentation and example code. I cannot find it posted on the Code Camp site, so here is a copy for anyone who is interested.

The presentation is in PowerPoint 2007 and the example code is for Visual Studio 2008. update: I have uploaded a PDF version of the presentation for those people without Office 2007.

If you are attending, I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at 9 AM.

2 thoughts on “log4net Slides and Example Code

  1. I have attended the Code Camp, but could not sit on two seats at once. I would like to get familiarized with Log4Net.
    Unfortunately, I am stuck with MS Power Point 2000.
    Is that possible, and perhaps makes sense for other individuals, to publish presentations in older version of PP?

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