CoderCamp Hamilton

The new CoderCamp Hamilton website went live tonight hopefully signaling a new phase for a great tech get-together in Hamilton.

CoderCamp is a local, monthly mini-conference where local software developers get together to share their experiences with new tools, technologies and techniques. It is a chance to get together with like minded people in a casual setting and talk about our tech passions. It is also a chance to meet other like-minded people in Hamilton and help build a strong tech community.

We meet every month and try to have several presentations lined up, but we are always looking for new people to share their passions with the group. If you would like to give a short, informal presentation to the group, please contact the organizers at

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NUnit 3 Support in Cake Build

cakeI’ve been using Cake Build in a lot of projects lately. Cake is a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages.

Cake supported running NUnit 2.x, but as NUnit 3 was a complete rewrite with a new console runner and new command line options, it needed to be updated, so I added the new NUnit3 build alias to Cake. It is available in Cake v0.6.1 on. It also supports running NUnit 2 tests, so you should consider upgrading all your scripts to use the new alias.

After I created my Son of Obsidian theme extension for Visual Studio Code, I documented how to create an extension for the Cake team and they managed to add Cake support to Visual Studio Code the same day.

If you aren’t already using Cake, give it a try.

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Son of Obsidian Theme for Visual Studio Code

Obsidian Theme for Visual Studio CodeOn November 18th during the Connect(); event, Microsoft announced the open sourcing of Visual Studio Code and its support for extensions. I’d already created a theme for Visual Studio Code based on Son of Obsidian, so I pulled down my theme from GitHub and got to work converting it to an extension. Before the end of the Visual Studio Code announcements, I had my theme converted and uploaded to the new Visual Studio Marketplace. I think I was the first extension uploaded to the Marketplace post announcement and my theme is currently the 5th most downloaded.

If you want to install it, in Visual Studio Code, run ext install theme-obsidian or, simply hit CMD/CTRL + Shift + P, search for “Install Extension”, and then search for “Obsidian”.

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